Cozy Clothes

In my last post I attempted to divert a little limelight away from the Ogden Cami by True Bias Patterns, not because I dislike True Bias or Ogden, but because I thought the Bailen Top deserved some love. Today I’m here to report that I actually tried a True Bias pattern and loved it. Not a women’s pattern, but the Hudson Pant for dudes. I couldn’t find a good pic of the pattern’s line art to share, but it’s essentially the same as the women’s version:

True Bias Hudson Pant line art

Much like the Ogden Cami, the internet is saturated with Hudsons made by everyone you know (if you sew… if you don’t sew, I’m flattered you’re still reading this). Poor Josh doesn’t benefit from my sewing very often, but this Christmas I made him a cozy lounge set out of the Hudson men’s pattern and Thread Theory’s Strathcona Henley.


I have zero complaints about the Hudson pattern. The drafting, sizing, and instructions were all spot-on. I sewed them up in a super soft and drapey french terry knit that is some sort of rayon/cotton/blend. It’s less stable and more drapey than the ideal fabric for this pattern, and as a result the fit is looser and longer. In fact, it drapes so much that the pant legs are hiding the cuffs around Josh’s ankles in these pictures, but they’re there, I promise.


I knew this fabric wasn’t exactly the ideal and went for it anyway because it was just too soft to resist. As a result, these are definitely lounge around the house pants, and not really appropriate for wearing out and about. That’s okay. This fabric is just ridiculously cozy, and I think Josh wore these pants for about 48 hours straight after he opened them on Christmas morning.


I don’t have much helpful to say about this pattern except that I liked it (and at ten bucks, it’s pretty reasonable compared to a lot of indie patterns). This post is really just an excuse to show off how good-looking my family is. Also, I realized while uploading my photos that both my toddler and husband are wearing entirely me-made outfits, and that feels pretty good. I’m still a mostly selfish seamstress, but it’s really satisfying to see the people I love in clothes that I know are comfortable and made well.


Josephine’s pjs are made from a wool knit, and I love knowing that even if she kicks her blankets off at night she’s not going to freeze. The patterns are from Brindille and Twig patterns, and maybe I’ll write a separate review post for those. Josh’s top is the Strathcona Henley by Thread Theory Designs. I didn’t love this pattern but don’t want to gripe right now. You can read my review over on Pattern Review if you’re interested.


In conclusion two thumbs up for True Bias. It appears that while Kelly’s designs are simple, they are done well and please the crowd, including me. I will have to try another. Also, outfitting the fam in warm fuzzies gives me the warm fuzzies. Now I’m off to find someone to snuggle.

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