Pregnant + Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration for seamstresses, and also a rabbit hole where your sewing time goes to die. I’ve been trying to avoid that unhealthy habit of pinning everything and creating nothing by turning some of my pins into projects. One example is this dress:

white dress

Sadly, I have no photo credits or designer to list here, because the link on Pinterest leads nowhere. I thought this would be a great dress for pregnancy if the waistline was lifted just a little more in front. And if I added a button placket down the center front, then maybe it would work for nursing as well! I didn’t have a good pattern that matched, so I ended up making a thousand modifications to New Look 6322.

McCalls 6322

I know. It’s doesn’t even vaguely look like the inspiration dress. This has become a bad habit of mine – trying to hack a pattern to resemble something totally different. It doesn’t usually work out very well, and it also makes for a very useless pattern review. To make it worse, I used ponte instead of any of the recommended fabrics. Here is the outcome:

IMG_6521 copyIt’s a perfectly wearable dress, but definitely doesn’t look as glamorous as the inspiration dress. And let’s not talk about my styling. Maybe I should just chalk that up to being very very pregnant in these photos. If I had invested the time to find a better pattern match for the inspiration dress, things would probably have turned out better too.

IMG_6525 copy

Those little gathers at the center front of the skirt are the result of pattern hacking, and there aren’t enough to look intentional. The collar could be better too. Now let’s see how it looks post-pregnancy:


Once again, still wearable, but not a huge success. Something about the white makes me feel like I’m wearing a nightgown. And is it really a good idea for a new mom to go around in white dress? How long do you think it will stay that white? The skirt also doesn’t have the fullness of the inspiration photo. Okay, enough picking on the poor dress. On the plus side, I can definitely nurse in this dress. It also hides the remainder of my baby bump (which is beating a very sloooow retreat). And I could always dye it. We’ll see. At least I tried to make my Pinterest dream a reality!


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