Errant Pear-ent *

*(Normally I think puns are overused in the sewing world, but Josh suggested this one and I can’t resist.)


Well hellooooooooo! I signed off for eight months (whoops) and only posted twice last year (yikes), but if I shower you with cute baby photos, will you forgive me?


This is Josephine, the most adorable time-suck in my universe. She propelled me into mommyhood on January 25th. Everything she does is amazing, and I find it hard to talk about much else. But this is a sewing blog, not a mommy blog, and I’ll try to keep it that way. Okay, let’s be realistic. This might become a mommy-who-sews blog (I’m not getting paid, after all). But Jo posts are better than no posts, right?


Thankfully, I have a lot to say about the intersection of sewing and motherhood. Becoming/being a mom presents a slew of interesting challenges for sewing:

  1. big bellies
  2. big boobies, that get bigger… and then smaller?
  3. nursing
  4. measurements that change frequently
  5. mommy-style (or lack thereof)

I want to talk about all of it. I don’t have a ton of free time these days (working mom) but I’m going to try to get some insightful posts up here soon. No promises – if it’s a nice day I’ll probably opt for a walk with Josephine and Josh instead. But there’s not a ton out there on sewing for momhood at the moment. Here are some of the resources I’ve found:

  1. So Zo has quite a few good posts on maternity sewing and kids’ clothes. She’s also expecting her second kiddo and is in the process of putting her maternity tank top pattern through testing. I’ve never tried one of her patterns or tutorials, but for some reason I trust her completely.
  2. Megan Nielsen has maternity patterns and I think some blog posts of maternity hacks. I tried out one of her patterns for Simplicity and didn’t love the results. It never got finished.
  3. Cotton and Curls has a lot of very stylish looking maternity tutorials. I never followed one though, because the instructions are a little too improv for my taste (e.g. “use stretchy fabric” and “add 6 to 10 extra inches of length the belly area”)

I know there’s other stuff out there, but I think there’s also more to be said. I’d like to add to the communal knowledge. Be back soon! (maybe)


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