Fabricmart v. Claire, Round Two

I could only hold off for so long, guys. I thought I was over my compulsion to shop the Fabricmart sales. But then I was browsing through the review gallery on Sewing.PatternReview, and saw THIS:

Tanya sewed up a beautiful pencil skirt out of the same rose print pique that I had been eyeing for… a pencil skirt.
and it’s still available here!
I really admire Tanya’s sewing (she blogs at Mrs. Hughes), so once I saw the awesome skirt she made it didn’t take long for me to go online and buy some for myself. I also purchased a few other things because I had to make the most of my “welcome” 20% off coupon and the flat rate shipping. You know how it goes. Some of the things I had my eye on before seemed to be gone, or else they no longer held my interest. So I ended up with this instead:
It’s a rayon ponte knit (still available here). Lately I’ve been getting a lot better with my serger, and I really want to start sewing with knits. Ponte seems like a good starting point, since it’s sturdier and (I’ve heard) fairly easy to work with. I’ve also heard that some people don’t like ponte, because it often contains a lot of polyester. This one didn’t have any poly in the content, however, so into my cart it went.
And finally, I also purchased a little of plain ol’ black jersey knit, also rayon. I want to try this raglan T from Burdastyle…
… only with a bra, because the above look just wouldn’t fly at the office.
That’s all for now! Now to stop looking at fabric and starting photographing some makes. I have a lot to show!

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