Do you heart Kaffe?

After Josh’s comments about my Kaffe Fasset striped dress, I started searching around for other people who have used his fabrics for clothing (and not just for quilts). Well lookeee what I found:

A rainbowy striped Cambie Kaffe by Rosie on Kollabora. Isn’t it cute! Like stripey candy. And then there’s…

A cabbage Kaffe dress by Jorth. Maybe it’s her fantastic smile that’s selling it, but I’m pretty sure the dress is also awesome. And next…

Another Kaffe sundress by Rosie again! Lovely. But there’s more…

A Kaffe tunic in toned down hues, by one Nicole on Kollabora. I’m liking both her tunic and her canoe. And finally…

..this adorable little girl over at

How do you feel about Kaffe Fasset fabrics? Should they stay in the realm of quilting and children’s cloths? Are they not for the faint of heart? I have mixed feelings about his designs. Like Amy Butler’s, Anna Maria Horner’s prints, I think think they are beautiful, but sometimes I also think they scream “I LOVE TO CRAFT!!!!” when maybe that’s not always the message I want to send. What do you think?


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