Quick and Dirty – Simplicity 1887 again

Ahhhh! I can’t believe April is going so quickly! I can’t believe it was March when I blogged last. This has been a busy busy month so I’m going to give a quick and dirty report. No fluff!

Back in March, I was needing something quick and easy after spending so much time on my Minoru. So on a lazy Saturday I decided to make some more shorts from Simplicity 1887, to lure in the warm weather. (Here’s the shorts I made last summer.)

Close up!

I used some rayon/linen leftover from my wrap dress. I added the ties at the waist this time, but made them a little shorter. I’ve always envied people who have a really well-fitting pattern and are able to whip up new versions at super speed. Don’t get me wrong – puzzling over a pattern, fumbling through new techniques, throwing projects on the floor in frustration – those can all be very gratifying. But instant gratification is nice too. So I was hoping these shorts could be my new “quick and easy” project. They ended up taking all day. Oh well! Next time I make them it will be even quicker.

I left the pockets off the back. I thought about welt pockets, but then it wouldn’t be an instant gratification project.
I also did the can-can for my photos in an attempt to make them more interesting.

Blurry foot! Sorry for the photos… perhaps I should not have photographed my printed shorts in front of a plaid couch. Perhaps I should learn to pose for the camera like a proper blogger. Whatever! I said it would be quick and dirty!



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