Sew Grateful Giveaway!

Yay! I’m holding my first giveaway!

Debi of My Happy Sewing Place is hosting Sew Grateful 2013 which I think is a lovely tradition – a week of giveaways, tutorials, and projects that celebrate the online sewing community and all it has given us. For me, the online sewing community is absolutely priceless in the information and inspiration shared. I am extremely grateful for all the wonderful seamstresses and seamsters out there who have taught me to sew (whether they know it or not), and who are also an indispensable part of my day in terms of the entertainment and enjoyment I get from reading about their lives and sewing adventures. So I am happy to kick off the first (of hopefully many) giveaways here on my blog as part of the online festivities organized by Debi. And this also fulfills one of my sewing resolutions for 2013. How convenient!
The patterns are a selection of 1970s styles, which I hope some people besides me appreciate (Lisette!). I’m giving all three away to one lucky person. First up is Simplicity 5341, a fantastic flow-y blouse with various neckline and sleeve options. I actually have a blouse like this already and it makes a fantastic summertime beach cover-up.
Next is Simplicity 9313. Ooh, this one is a little difficult to part with. I think the sleeves on style 1 are so interesting. Please, future pattern winner, make this version up and show us your results. Please?

Finally we have Simplicity 6157, a classic princess seamed shirt dress. I actually won this in a previous giveaway, but I’m not giving it away cuz I don’t love it! I’m only giving this away because I have more than one shirt dress is my pattern collection. Otherwise I would selfishly keep it for me me me.

There you have it! Just leave a comment below (make sure I can find your email through your profile or sumthin… I’ve never done this before), and I will draw a winner at the end of Sew Grateful Week. Whooo!
EDIT – I’m such a noob to this. Forgot to say that I’ll ship these anywhere (by the slowest cheapest method possible). And since giveaway protocol requires I ask something of you… well, why don’t you post a link to something that is inspiring your sewing these days? I always like to look at inspiration photos.


  1. Ooo… enter me into the running for Simplicity 5341, option 1 sleeves and pockets combined with option 3 neckline would be PERFECT for me! I need to make a cover up for mucking out the chicken coop and this would protect my sleeves as well as be easy to put on and off.
    As to inspiring – well another blogger is starting a Mad Men Look-a-like make which will be fun to watch, search JuliaBobbin.


  2. I love that short dress. On the lookout for a vintage shirt dress pattern for the next MadMen challenge 😀

    My current sewing inspiration is Rocky Horror 🙂 We're going to watch on thursday so Ive been busy sewing up clothes to turn us into Brad and Janet- all twee and 60s. You can see the planning on my blog and the finished items will be up next weekend!

    I've got a giveaway on too- stop by and see if you're interested!


  3. Oh, yes, I love the 70's styles, maybe because those were some of my best years and clothes! My mom made me a shirt from either that 9313 pattern, view 1, or a pattern very similar. I love the shirt-dress and the first blouse, too. They all bring back memories and I'd love to be able to stitch up some retro garments from these. Thank you for the giveaway!


  4. This is a fantastic giveaway!! I love the patterns and I can well imagine they might be hard to part with, so I'm sew grateful you are doing this and I might be lucky enough to win :).

    I find my inspiration when looking at blogs, fabric, pinterest…
    I got a book for small stash projects at Christmas which will help with stash-busting & there are lots of great things I've found out there so here's 2 links:

    (BTW- I used a URL shortener to make it easier of they aren't hot links)


  5. I love Simplicity 5341. It reminds me of a top I used to have in the 70's that I wore all the time with jeans and a polo when I was about 12! Thanks for the giveaway and happy to start following now I know you're here.


  6. That middle blouse in particular is great– I love the sleeves! My current inspiration is a couple of different couture books (Claire Schaeffer's Couture Sewing Techniques and Susan Khalje's Bridal Couture), since I'm up to my neck in wedding sewing right now!


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