Sewing Plans – Summer 2012

I’m at a bit of a standstill on my Singer 66 cleaning/deconstruction/reconstruction, so I’m going to take a break from and give some attention to actual sewing. As all good seamstresses (and seamsters) know, day dreaming about sewing projects, plotting, planning, placing fabric swatches next to patterns, and surfing for inspiration take up as much time (probably more) than sewing. While I’m trying not to fall into that inevitable trap this summer, I can’t help but indulge in just a little seam-dreaming… so here are some things I’m thinking about for this summer.

First, I would like to take a chunk out of my modest stash so that it may remain modest, as I will most definitely be indulging in some purchases over the summer. After all, my birthday is coming up! Here’s some of what I’m working with…

Is there a color palette hiding in there? I believe there might be, but I also decided I don’t believe in sewing in palettes. After spending a lot of time admiring other sewists’ palettes for the various palette challenges over at the Coletterie, I think they are beautiful to look at, but impractical in my case because

  1. my attention span is too short and whatever plans I weave will certainly get derailed by new ideas and inspiration
  2. I tend to pick up whatever steals and deals I can find instead of sticking to a program
  3. I like too many colors

That said, if some of the things I sew end up coordinating, I will be quite happy. I already dove into a few projects. Yesterday, in a sudden sewing fit, I scrapped a previous plan to make a circle skirt out of the hot pink linen and dove into this pattern instead…

View B is what I’m after. It’s pretty plain, and I think this would be an excellent chance to renew my embroidery efforts, drawing a little inspiration from this number by Lauren

Simple, charming, and wearable.

Next up, that strange yellow fabric from the French Seam needs to become something. It’s got a weird sorta waffley texture to it and a slight sheen. And it’s bright yellow. In other words, it’s going to be a little more difficult to make this one wearable. Hmph. That’s what I get for shopping in a hurry at a tiny fabric store without a plan. At first I thought it could be a lovely Pastille with appliqued roses leftover from that 80s dress I restyled.


But now I realize that would result in a dress which I would probably never hardly ever wear. I guess I could wear it on Easter, if I went to church. Let’s rethink this. What about a half circle skirt, still with appliqued roses? That could work. Yellow shorts?
That might be fun. I also love this dress, beautifully made up by Nikki for summer time…
Well, maybe it’ll come to me later. Speaking of Nikki’s cute dress, I would love to have an easy summer dress in chambray. Perhaps something like this…
Okay, that’s not chambray. But it’s hella cute. (Do people still say hella? Probably not.) I love the round pockets. And in this kinda fabric…
with white trim, it would be a great beach cover up. Cuz I spend so much time at the beach, living in Indiana. Okay, it would make a great, throw-it-on-and-go-to-the-farmers-market dress for a really hot day in August. I don’t have any chambray in my stash…. but I know where to find some! ( It’s on saaaale).
What else have we got, stash speaking? The flamingo print is pretty exciting.
I would love to do a vintagey style top out of this. I could go with a pattern I already own…

But what I really want is this more like this…
That blue number on the left is just asking for a flamingo print, I think. Moving on. The rayon tropical floral is destined to be a simple skirt. I only have a yard, so that’s all it can be, and I’m fine with that. The white cotton with blue dots? No idea yet. The green and white printed linen is in the process of being sewn up in to McCall’s 6503, using the white on white dot for contrast fabric.
Here is a shoddy picture of the work in progress…
I’m making it into a shirt rather than a dress. I don’t know if this was a wise decision or not, but I need separates more than dresses. Unfortunately, I’ve run into a serious fit problem that necessitates unpicking half the bodice, and I’m so dreading the task that it has been abandoned for the present. Sigh.
That’s the end of my blogging stamina for now, but not the end of my seam-dreaming. I can guarantee you there’ll be more later! What are your summer sewing plans?

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